"I have passed along my story to all that have your bag and those who do not. The bag is incredible and I am thankful I invested in it. Thank you for such a sturdy, reliable, incredible flight bag. Keep up the good work!!"
C. C., Flight Attendant--10 years

"I have been flying for 32 years and have used various rolling bags from many different manufacturers. In my opinion, my rolling bag made by Purdy Neat Things is the Best! The durability is outstanding. It is easy to pack and comfortable to use. It travels with ease as if it were self propelled."
J. H., Captain

"Awesome piece of luggage and worth every cent paid. I have owned the other brands and paid just as much as I did for my 104NG, there is no point trying to compare the quality because you just can't do it justice with words alone. If you're even thinking about a new bag look no further, your search is over, you've just found the best. Part with the cash, you will never be sorry!"
Tim A., Netjets

"I have to say, this is the BEST suitcase I have ever owned. Nothing compares with the ease of mobility, balance, and comfort I've experienced while owning this bag. Thanks for a GREAT suitcase that has logged many air and terminal miles."
R. A., Pilot--15 years

"You can be sure I will use nothing but your products and recommend them highly to my fellow airline pilots and all others who ask."
R. S., Pilot--30 years

"Because my zipper was getting stuck around the bottom corner and the handle (where it connects to and slides into the bag) was breaking I thought I'd buy a new bag. I had seen the new "competitor's" bag and they seemed nice so I bought one. What a piece of junk - the bag clip was so useless I had to stay up late on a layover and sew one on, luckily I found one in the lost & found, to keep my flight bag from falling off! Needless to say, I'm sold on PNT's and so would like my old bag fixed. Please repair the above-listed items and return it to me. Thanks.
PS. For what it's worth, I have told all my former-Navy-cum-new-airline pilots this story and of my happiness with your products and your repair abilities. Thanks for making a good product."
R. K., Pilot

"I am a Falcon 20 Captain. I fly freight from Dallas, TX. One day last winter, while on a trip from DFW to SDF with a load of freight: the cargo door came open. We were in descent from 31,000 to 11,000 and had just passed through about 20,000, when the door let go. After a prolonged struggle to gain and maintain control of the aircraft, we made a successful landing at Standiford airport in Louisville, KY. Arriving at the ramp, we were unable to open the door the rest of the way because the hinges were bent completely out of shape. We discovered that the bags containing our clothes (mine and the f/o's) had become wedged in the partially open door and had prevented our cargo from being sucked from the aircraft. Had that happened, the likelihood of a successful landing would have been slim and none. The PNT drag-wagons kept cargo from being ingested in the left engine, which would have resulted in an uncontrollable situation. For that and the great service I have had from my PNT drag-wagon, I am very grateful. I would also like to express my thanks for the prompt repair service and the no charge. You guys are great----we have about 70 pilots and the majority uses your luggage. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" W. H., Captain

"I am a Southwest Airlines flight attendant. I have owned a Luggage Works bag for nine years. Every time I have lifted the bag, I've griped about how heavy it is. On February 22nd, that very same bag saved my life. I was walking to work in Chicago. I was crossing the street and was hit by a car. The police estimated he was going 45 MPH when he hit me. The thing is, he didn't hit me, he hit my Luggage Works bag which threw me into the air and onto the car. I shattered the windshield, dented the hood and was thrown 20 feet. According to the doctors and the police, if I would have gotten the blunt hit as my poor bag did, I would probably have been killed. I just wanted to write and say---thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a sturdy, well put-together bag. It really did save my life."
K.F., Chicago IL

"This bag has been more to me than something in which to carry a change of clothes. It has been a small crate for me taking heavy printed training materials out of the country and bringing souvenirs back. It has carried military gear and documents, fossils, SCUBA gear, 45 lb. Albanian hoops of cheese, and European wines. I've dragged this bag over some of the worst terrain (and temperature extremes) in the Middle East, Norway, Albania, the Caribbean and Northern Europe many times. The wide wheel base and solid construction makes it easy to run, take sharp curves and jump curbs. It was once thrown over a 6' chain link fence in Riyadb, Saudi Arabia. It has banged up flights of hotel stairs where there is no elevator, and the old section of the London "Tube" where there is no escalator. It has been a chair, a card table, a footstool, stepladder and a pillow. I have used it during field exercises as a desk. It has even been my seat on a few military flights on Russian helicopters. It has been overloaded and abused. It always goes onboard with me, as this bag has become as valuable to me as anything that I ever put inside. It has been like a puppy to me. So dependable, I bought a set for my daughter. When she was younger, we connected her bag to my J-hook and made a carriage for her to ride through the terminals. I need to have some screws and rivets replaced but it is still 100% mission capable. Plus, I don't want to give it up and miss having it with me on my trip to Camp Pendleton next week."
Richard H., Major, US Marine Corps, Certified Rescue Diver--18 years

"The rugged durability and thoughtful design of your rolling bag is exceptional. I am especially impressed by the expansion capabilities (it's almost impossible to overpack this bag), and by the bag's wheel quality. Pulling this bag is effortless! These features are far superior to those found in other premium bags."
Peter D., Esq.

"I was pretty sure I would spend the rest of my career buying a new carry on bag every year until I got this one."
Jeff D., Marketing Manager

Service Dept.
"I have had Betty here for over 15 years. There has not been one overnight that she has not been in my hotel room. Many fellow employees have ordered bags because of her age and toughness. I brag on her everywhere I go. Could you please give her a major overhaul and send her back."
D. G., Pilot

"After arriving in Paris my bag was inadvertently left airport curbside as the van driver failed to load it with the others. Airport police subsequently confiscated my bag and detonated it with a small explosive which is apparently their security protocol.
I was eventually able to reclaim the bag and it's content. As you can see the bag is in remarkable shape and that the bag burst in an area other than the zipper! Your luggage is definitely built to last and I'll never worry about the bag coming open."
J.P., Brighton, MI

"I very much appreciate the outstanding customer service you have provided. It's nice to know there are still companies out there who value their patrons. I have always thought your products were of superior quality, but with this great service you have turned me into a loyal customer."
H. B., MD-88 First Officer, Pilot--15 years

"I spoke with a customer service person on the phone and was told you would fix my bag even though the warranty has expired... I love my suitcase and appreciate the way you stand behind your product. I'm sure when I replace this suitcase it will be with a new model from you. Thank you for fixing my suitcase."
Larry W.

"Hello, I fly for a major airline and give this bag hard use. It has been a wonderful & durable bag, but now the zipper is broken. Thank you for standing behind your product. I gladly pass on your name to other pilots in the industry."
L. T., Pilot

"I have had your great bag for almost 3 years and it has performed wonderfully!"
B. B., Wilmington DE

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