Handle Foam Grip

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  • Durable compressed foam
  • Fits all LuggageWorks metal sliding handles



-        Foam grip

Tools you will need:

-        Phillips screwdriver

-        Small nail and hammer (for stainless-steel handles only)

-        Lubricant product


Step 1 - Must take the handle out of the bag. If not, it may damage the rods of the sliding handles.

Step 2 - Remove the 4 screws on the rings at the top of the bag.

Step 3 - Squeeze the triggers together as you pull the handle out of the bags.

NOTE: for the ALUMINUM HANDLE there is a screw under foam.  Remove the screw so that the rod will release from the coupler.

NOTE: for the STAINLESS-STEEL HANDLE there is a pin under the foam.  Take a small nail to drive the pin out to allow the rod to release from the coupler.

Step 5 - Pull the old foam off and install the new foam.  You may need to lubricate the coupler so that the foam grip will slide on easily for you.

Step 6 - Reinstall the rod/screw or rod/pin to the coupler.

Step 7 - Squeeze the triggers together and reinstall the sliding handle back into the bag.

Step 8 - Put the 4 screws back into the rings.


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